New Telephone System Installed in Church Offices

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“New Telephone System Installed in Church Offices,” Ensign, July 1973, 129

New Telephone System Installed in Church Offices

The more than 1,000 telephones in the Church Administration Building and the new Church Office Building are now part of a computerized system for direct dialing that goes into effect on Saturday, June 23. With the new system, most Church departments can be contacted directly through individual telephone numbers, alleviating the need for calls to be placed through a central switchboard. All the new numbers are in the 1973–74 Salt Lake City telephone directory. The former switchboard will be replaced by four table-top consoles similar to the one being held (below) by Sister Deona Black, chief operator for the Church. Sister Black explains that the new system is necessary to handle the increased volume of calls for the growing Church; as many as 5,000 incoming calls have been logged in one day. The new, direct number for the editorial offices of the Ensign is 531–2943; for the New Era, 531–2951; and for the Friend, 531–2210. All queries concerning subscriptions to the magazines and for back issues should be made through 531–2947.