Network Television Views the Church

“Network Television Views the Church,” Ensign, July 1973, 132

Network Television Views the Church

President Harold B. Lee was recently interviewed for a special program to be televised in the fall by the National Broadcasting Corporation (above). The program, to be a segment of the monthly First Tuesday program, will feature the Church emphasis on the family as well as the welfare program. In preparation for the program, camera crews have been filming Church activities in various parts of the country. Following his interview with President Lee, First Tuesday correspondent Tom Pettit said that there were so many facets to the Church that it would be impossible to include all of them in one 30-minute program. But it was hoped, he said, that the program would be able to focus upon certain aspects of the Church and still reflect the overall Church attitude in contemporary times.

The Ray Lindquist family of Sandy, Utah, left, was recently featured on national television in the American Broadcasting Corporation’s weekly religion series Directions. The 30-minute documentary was televised on a total of 300 stations across the country and highlighted the Mormon way of life. In addition to showing the Lindquists conducting a family home evening and serving in Church capacities, the program also included Kim Lindquist serving among the Spanish-speaking people in the Eastern States Mission. Another son, Caray, spoke of preparing for his mission, and has since entered the Language Training School prior to serving in Mexico. The Lindquists’ married daughter and her husband, Craig and Wendy Henager, and their daughter, Heidi, were also featured.

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Photos by David Johnston