BYU Institute to Study Old Manuscripts
July 1973

“BYU Institute to Study Old Manuscripts,” Ensign, July 1973, 125

BYU Institute to Study Old Manuscripts

An Institute for Ancient Studies has been established at Brigham Young University to develop and disseminate information about ancient manuscripts of religious significance.

Director is Dr. Hugh Nibley, eminent scholar in ancient languages and religious history, with R. Douglas Phillips, associate professor of classical languages, as associate director in charge of business administration.

The institute, which will not be a degree-granting department of the university, but will serve as a resource group and research center, will be in full operation September 1.

In explaining the establishment of the institute, Dr. Nibley stated, “The scholarly world is being flooded with newly discovered manuscripts, many of which have direct bearing on the Church. It is important that Latter-day Saint scholars have and know these manuscripts. The institute will give them an important means of acquisition, loan, and use of manuscripts, and will give them contact with authorities in the field throughout the world.”

Associate members of the institute are Dr. Richard L. Anderson, professor of history and ancient scriptures; S. Kent Brown, assistant professor of ancient scriptures; Dr. C. Wilford Griggs, assistant professor of ancient scriptures; Thomas W. Mackay, assistant professor of classical languages; and Dr. Ellis T. Rasmussen, assistant dean of the College of Religious Instruction and professor of ancient scripture.


Dr. Hugh Nibley and Douglas Phillips