“Books,” Ensign, Apr. 1972, 69


The Presidents of the Church
By Preston Nibley
Deseret Book, 438 pp., $6.95

This new printing of a book written by Preston Nibley, long-time assistant Church Historian, brings up to date earlier editions of Presidents of the Church. Included are biographies of the ten men who have presided over the Church since its organization in 1830, with expanded information on President David O. McKay and a new chapter on President Joseph Fielding Smith.

Each biography provides insight into the personal life of one of the ten presidents, as well as information on his accomplishments in guiding the destiny of the Church. While each life story is different, there is a common bond—a singleness of purpose directed toward complete dedication to the Church, the gospel, and the kingdom of God on earth.

Outstanding Stories by General Authorities, Volume 2
By Dr. Leon R. Hartshorn
Deseret Book, 253 pp., illustrated, $4.95

In this second volume of Outstanding Stories, Leon Hartshorn has assembled a collection of memorable stories that have been related by General Authorities. Told with warmth and understanding, sometimes with humor, all of the stories contain spiritually uplifting messages. There are many accounts of miraculous healings and unusual conversions, as well as of interesting incidents in the lives of these great men.

Those quoted are Elders Joseph Anderson, Marvin J. Ashton, Ezra Taft Benson, Victor L. Brown, Matthew Cowley, Loren C. Dunn, Paul H. Dunn, Alvin R. Dyer, Spencer W. Kimball, Mark E. Petersen, Hartman Rector, Jr., Robert L. Simpson, Eldred G. Smith, and John H. Vandenberg.

These illuminating illustrations of principles in action will serve well in enriching talks and lessons and will provide a source of reference material.

The Indians of the Southwest
By Edward Everett Dale
University of Oklahoma Press, 271 pp., $8.95

Current interest in Indian affairs, brought about in part by recent tribal protest movements, is generating a nationwide collective guilt for the indefensible deeds that have characterized the government’s Indian-white relations. Yet, while the government has had much more publicity for its weaknesses than its strengths in this area, and there are many substantiated claims of mismanagement, treaty violation, and corruption, there is a great deal more to the story. Less publicized is the humanitarian purpose that prompted many of the policies and actions intended to provide health measures, educational systems, and improvements in the general welfare of the Indian.

There are references to Utah and the Mormons and to the problems associated with immigration and the settlement of the Salt Lake Valley. “When the Mormons moved from Illinois to Utah in 1847 they won the friendship of the Indians by their kindly overtures, but when other immigrants came, settling on the best land and killing the game, the Indians grew suspicious.” Commenting on the attitude of Brigham Young toward the Indians, the author states: “Brigham Young was always generous in his dealings with the Indians and earnestly urged that they be well treated at all times.”

The problems are far from solved, but their identification and the vision, energy, and patience needed to solve them are better understood from the background provided here.

This illustrated book gives an accounting of the hundred-year period of federal relations with the Indians of the Southwest, many of whom were brought into United States jurisdiction by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which signaled the end of the war with Mexico.

The Pearl of Great Price
By Roy W. Doxey
Brigham Young University Press, 88 pp., $2.25 (Paperback)

Continuing discussions on the Pearl of Great Price, this volume, the second in a series, contains lectures 9 through 16 presented by Dr. Doxey, professor of scriptures and dean of religious instruction at Brigham Young University, at the 1971 Education Week program of the BYU Division of Continuing Education. (Lectures 1 through 8, presented in the 1970 program, have been published as volume 1.) The lectures are of interest to students of the scriptures, to teachers in Church auxiliaries and the priesthood, and in particular to teachers of Relief Society spiritual living classes.

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Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah 84601

Deseret Book Company, 44 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma 73069