Memorabilia Wall

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“Memorabilia Wall,” Ensign, May 1971, 77

Memorabilia Wall

There is more than one way to frame a picture, and today’s memorabilia wall calls for a variety of wall hangings:

An item to consider is a simple, sturdy cardboard box covered with newsprint, bearing the announcement of a wedding or a new baby, and sprayed with orange shellac.

Never underestimate the smart simplicity of the purchased, ready-made, narrow black frame.

Japanese carving blocks, made of handsome natural wood, can be used to mount a much smaller block of wood.

Wood plaques stained or rubbed with a color can be hung in pairs to display an old master’s print.

Search antique and used furniture stores for heavy old frames.

A most effective combination is a black matting teamed with a one-fourth-inch white matting against a gray photo.

Make your own shadow boxes from pre-fabricated items available at hobby shops or from cardboard shoe boxes covered with fabric or spray-painted. Mount precious insignia, awards, and jewelry items as a permanent keepsake display. Never use rubber cement for mounting; use a heavy all-purpose household glue or spray adhesive.

Elaine Cannon