Of Youth and Time

“Of Youth and Time,” Ensign, Jan. 1971, 85

Of Youth and Time

Young youth is gone

and leaves me standing

in the spot of life

where Dad stood

when I entered

youngest youth.

Now being here

and where he was,

I see

that he

is further on

and in the part of life

where, when I reach

that part

where he is standing now,

he’ll be

to where life’s sand

runs thin

and bids to other things.

Youth was so short ago,

and when I think

that that much time again

will put me in my father’s place,

I see

how short the span of life

must really be.

And though

I envy youth’s hour gone,

I know

that after aging days,

new youth will come again—

And Dad and I

Will stand together in the time.