Improving Teaching through Assessment Tools

Seminary teacher ruminates about performance

S&I has new assessment tools to help teachers fulfill the Objective in the lives of more youth and young adults by creating learning experiences of conversion, relevance, and belonging.

Please download and review "Improving Teaching: Three New Assessment Tools." It explains S&I's new assessment tools and answers common questions. Your administrator will provide you with the paper evaluation forms. Combine your findings with the Inservice Leaders' Resources to create a faculty plan.

Note: At this time, the assessment tools are intended for paid S&I employees. Area and region directors will find the assessments on the S&I Employee Intranet. If a stake teacher asks to use the assessments tools, coordinators should:

  1. Counsel together with the teacher.
  2. Determine which elements of the assessment tools will benefit the teacher.
  3. Do this in a spirit of ministering and with an understanding of the needs and abilities of the teacher.