August 8, 2022

Gospel Library Updates for S&I Materials

  1. Library > Books and Lessons. The Seminary and Institute collections now appear as the first two items.

  2. Library > Adults > Young Adults. We are changing the collection name from “Institute” to “Institute Students.” This collection will continue to hold all institute student materials.

  3. Library > Handbooks and Callings. We are changing the collection name. “Seminaries and Institutes Callings” will become “Seminaries and Institutes.” The collection contains materials for those with S&I callings as well as S&I employees.

  4. Library > Handbooks and Callings > Seminaries and Institutes.  New collections here will organize existing materials and support new materials coming soon:

    • S&I Broadcasts will contain all broadcasts produced by S&I.

    • Teacher Development will have materials associated with developing called and full-time teachers.

    • Curriculum Training will have training on how to teach specific courses. 

    • Leader & Role Development will contain leadership training and role documents.

    • Handbooks and Policies (future) will include S&I’s guiding documents.

logo Also, the Gospel Library mobile app now shows the full title of each item. This change matches the Web version of the Gospel Library.


Note: Please remember the Seminary and Institute course materials pages. They list all materials and additional resources available for each course.