July 20, 2019

    Reading Requirements: Questions and Answers

    reading requirements for seminary

    Is it a requirement to read the four standard works in order to graduate from seminary? 

    Yes. Reading the complete standard works is still a requirement for graduation. However, reading is no longer used to determine credit earned for a semester. Attendance and assessments are the only requirements considered in awarding credit. Students should be reading the standard works in the order presented by Come, Follow Me.

    What will happen to students who did not have the opportunity to study the Old Testament in seminary? 

    Seminary teachers have flexibility in determining the appropriate reading for students who miss reading the Old Testament because of the seminary curriculum change to match the Come, Follow Me schedule. Students should primarily rely on opportunities beyond seminary to study the Old Testament, including through Come, Follow Me, institute classes, and their personal study.

    When can students begin tracking their reading requirements for graduation? 

    Once potential students register for seminary each January, they can record their reading in the mySeminary app or report it when they start seminary.

    What is the timetable for reading the New Testament? 

    The table below shows the reading experience students could have in 2019.


    Come, Follow Me (The New Testament)


      First half of the year 

      The Gospels 

      Doctrine and Covenants 

     Second half of the year 


      The Gospels 


    Seminary students on track with Come, Follow Me will complete reading the New Testament during the calendar year. If a student begins reading the New Testament later in 2019, he or she has until the end of secondary school or high school to complete reading requirements for graduation.

    How can teachers keep track of students’ reading?

    The preferred way is for students to mark their reading in the mySeminary app. Using WISE, teachers will also be able to enter reading reported by students and help encourage them to complete their reading of the standard works in time for graduation.

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