August 20, 2018

    New Features and Assessments in the Learning Assessment Software

    Use new features and assessments to help better understand students’ needs.
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    Over 370,000 assessments were completed last year using the Learning Assessment (LA) software. This software allows teachers to better understand students’ needs. As teachers continue to use assessments, they will not only better understand students’ needs, but students will be able to develop their testimonies and knowledge of gospel topics. New features to the LA software and a new pilot program will assist teachers as they strive to use the assessments to bless the lives of their students.

    New Features

    To help improve the usability of assessments, there are additional features now available in the LA software. These features will help you as you begin administering and reviewing the learning assessment:

    • The class report now includes the “Belief and Apply” section if more than five students complete this section.
    • There is now a class report that provides the students’ responses to the “Explain Questions” for those students who took the assessment online.
    • The ScanNGrade app now allows teachers to show students their scores and items missed after they uploaded the bubble sheets.
    • Teachers and administrators can now disable an assessment that has been previously enabled.

    Piloted Assessments

    Assessments are being piloted to help you better understand what students are learning. The following piloted assessments are available in the LA software:

    • The Doctrine and Covenants pre-assessment contains revised questions from the Doctrine and Covenants seminary learning assessments. These pre-assessments also contain the “Belief and Apply” section. The pre-assessments are available in English only.
    • The Doctrinal Topics for the Doctrine and Covenants assessment contains questions for each of the nine doctrinal topics. This assessment is available in 37 languages.
    • Weekly Reviews are short, five-question quizzes that cover the first 16 units of the curriculum (the rest will be uploaded shortly). These reviews follow the “Suggested Doctrine and Covenants Doctrinal Mastery Pacing Guide.” Teachers can give these weekly reviews after teaching a unit to understand what students learned. The reviews are available in English only.

    Teachers are encouraged to use the LA software throughout the semester so they can better understand students’ needs and what they are learning.