May 31, 2018

New Doctrinal Mastery Training Resources

Doctrinal Mastery illustration

New Doctrinal Mastery training resources are now available. These resources will help both teachers and students better understand the principles and practices of Doctrinal Mastery as we seek to build our foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ. The new resources are shown below and are also available at The Doctrinal Mastery website also contains other training resources; please use this website as you prepare to help your students understand Doctrinal Mastery.

“What Is Doctrinal Mastery?” Video

This video provides an overview of the importance, outcomes, and impact of Doctrinal Mastery. It illustrates how applying the principles and practices of acquiring spiritual knowledge and mastering the doctrine of Jesus Christ will fortify our students as they seek to live and apply the gospel in their lives.


Click here to watch, download, and share this video from the LDS Media Library. Encourage your students to share the video on social media.

Doctrinal Mastery New Teacher Training Lesson and Inservice Leaders’ Resource

An additional new-teacher training lesson, “Introduction to Doctrinal Mastery,” is available to help introduce and deepen principles and practices of Doctrinal Mastery for all teachers. This lesson, along with all other new-teacher training lessons, will also be available in Canvas modules via after June 1, 2018. The associated inservice lesson includes inservice ideas and activities to help train teachers on how to increase the effectiveness of the teaching and application of Doctrinal Mastery principles and practices.

Doctrinal Mastery Graphic

The Doctrinal Mastery graphic below provides a visual orientation to help teachers and students identify the outcomes of Doctrinal Mastery, the principles of acquiring spiritual knowledge, and the elements of mastering the doctrine. Download the graphic in LDS media library here.

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