April 16, 2019

    Seminary Curriculum and Calendar Changes: What Can You Do?


    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is blessed with a prophet of God who receives continual revelation to lead and guide. We are blessed to be part of a new era of Church growth and revelation, and with that blessing comes many changes to our previous practices. On March 22, 2019, the First Presidency announced an adjustment for seminary curriculum. The book of scripture studied in seminary will now be the same book of scripture being studied in the home-centered, Church-supported Come, Follow Me curriculum. As we implement these changes we can better accomplish the work of the Savior, and we can grow as we learn new skills that will help us to prepare lessons and teach the youth.

    Change can be intimidating. However, as we listen to the Spirit and respond positively to these changes, we can feel closer to Christ and lean on Him for direction. These changes are going to strengthen our ability to support the family and to center our lives around Christ and His gospel. Your classroom teaching can have a significant influence on your students’ ability to contribute more to gospel learning in their homes.

    As we work through these changes together, our faith can lead us through any challenges that may arise. Elder Kim B. Clark said, “If you act with faith in Jesus Christ to embrace the plan [of salvation], He will direct your path, open doors for you, put you where He wants you, and give you opportunities to serve Him in the greatest of all the causes on the earth—the cause of Christ. You will be the means of bringing hope, joy, happiness, and salvation to your family, to your friends and loved ones, and to literally thousands of God’s children” (“Embrace the Plan” [Brigham Young University devotional, Mar. 20, 2018], 2, speeches.byu.edu). If we have faith in our Heavenly Father and His plan for us in our lives—and in our classrooms—we can have confidence that we can bring about the Lord’s purposes. This is His work, and He will help move the work forward. As we trust Him and follow the counsel of His prophets, the Lord will help us accomplish our Objective.

    Here are three things we hope you will do as we move this work forward: 

    1. Seek to understand this change and the reason it is being made.
    2. As you gain assurance that this is an inspired change, be a positive example to others. Know that your influence can create a positive tone for your classroom, in your meetings, and in other areas.
    3. Prayerfully seek guidance as you prepare to implement this change as more details come forward.