October 16, 2018

    Discover the Classroom Speedometer

    The Learning Assessment Software provides important information like a speedometer.
    Man on bike

    Have you ever wondered how fast your students are learning or what they are learning? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a speedometer for the classroom?

    The information provided in the Learning Assessment Software is like a speedometer for your classroom. It provides great information, just like a speedometer, to help you know what your students are learning. For example, it will provide a graph of the most missed questions.

    The Learning Assessment Software will also provide a table for the Belief and Apply Survey, giving you aggregate totals.

    There are also weekly reviews, pre-assessments, and doctrinal topic assessments to help you know what your students are learning throughout the semester. These additional assessments can help you become familiar with the software before you use it for the learning assessments. Click here to view the training to help you become familiar with the speedometer for the classroom, and begin using the Learning Assessment Software now.