This Year in Seminary

Young woman studying the scriptures

When in-person classes may not be possible, see Remote Learning instructions.

Seminary Curriculum

Seminary courses of study will align with the same book of scripture that is being studied in Come, Follow Me materials. Seminary classes are taught using seminary curriculum and local pacing schedules

Curriculum materials are available in many languages on the web (HTML) and as PDFs.They are also in the Gospel Library app. Contact your immediate supervisor if you have questions about the materials.

Reading Requirements

To receive course credit, students must read the current year’s book of scripture at least 75 percent of the semester calendar days. This change emphasizes the importance for students to develop a habit of daily scripture study that increases their understanding and reliance on Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His Atonement.

Seminary teachers should review the Quick Start Guide to Daily Scripture Study Goals to best help their students succeed.

Learning Assessments

Seminary teachers will use current learning assessments for each course. The Learning Assessments Overview page provides more information and training.

Course Credit and Graduation Requirements

Students earn course credit when they complete the following:

  1. Attend or participate in 75 percent of the class sessions.
  2. Read the current year's book of scripture at least 75 percent of the semester calendar days.
  3. Achieved 75-percent or higher on the learning assessment.

Please see the Seminary Graduation Guide for information about graduation requirements.

Makeup Work

Students can complete makeup work for classes and daily readings that were missed. Teachers should develop a plan with students who are not meeting the course credit requirements.