This Year in Seminary

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Seminary Curriculum

Seminary students study the same book of scripture used by Come, Follow Me. Your supervisor will provide a local pacing guide. Seminary’s Old Testament material is available in:
  1. The Course Materials page.
  2. The Gospel Library app. Go to Library > Books and Lessons > Seminary. Choose the Old Testament manual you need.
  3. The Gospel Library online. Go to Books and Lessons > Seminary. Choose the Old Testament manual you need.
What if there is no seminary manual in your language? Please use the Come, Follow Me manuals to prepare lessons. 

Doctrinal Mastery

S&I published new doctrinal mastery lessons in 2021. These lessons are available in 27 languages. Employees can find these materials in the language folders here on the S&I Employee Intranet. Coordinators and program administrators will provide the lessons for stake teachers to use.

Scripture Study and Seminary Credit

We encourage students to develop a daily scripture study habit. The scriptures help us understand and rely on the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Students may also receive seminary course credit for their efforts. Those interested should read the current year’s book of scripture. When they read 75 percent of the semester calendar days or more, they qualify for credit.
This guide is for teachers. It shows ways we can help students succeed with their goals.

Learning Assessments

Learning assessments help students use the Savior’s teachings. For example, the students check if they understood the doctrine. Do they know how to put the principles to use? Have they felt the truth and importance of these things? Students get to make this evaluation each semester.
Learn how to use assessments on the Learning Assessment page.


Course Credit and Graduation Requirements

Students earn course credit when they complete the following:
  1. Attend at least 75 percent of the class sessions.
  2. Read the current year's book of scripture at least 75 percent of the semester calendar days.
  3. Complete the course learning assessment with 75 percent or more.
Please see the Seminary Graduation Guide for recognizing students.


Makeup Work

Attend at least 75 percent of the class sessions. Students can complete makeup work for classes and daily readings that they missed. Please work with them to develop a plan to meet their needs. Please see the Accommodating Student Needs page for more information.