May 18, 2023

Seminary Credit Requirements Can Deepen Students' Conversion to Jesus Christ

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“All we do should deepen our conversion to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel because He is the answer to [students'] challenges and questions” (Chad H Webb, “Messengers of the Good News”).

The seminary credit requirements have been updated to better align with our objective to deepen students’ conversion to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. Since every student has a different level of gospel understanding, commitment, ability, and family support, the updated requirements are intended to support them in their present circumstances.

With the updated seminary requirements, students will read selected scripture passages, take part in group learning assessments, as well as continue to attend seminary consistently as indicated below.

In addition, teachers encourage students to set and monitor personal scripture study goals. Examples of personal goals could include reading the assigned Come, Follow Me chapters and passages in the Book of Mormon. Because of the personal nature of these goals, students will not report them to the teacher (and they will not be tracked in WISE). Students may choose to track their goals in mySeminary for their benefit.

“This will require more personal, individual attention from teachers. It will add a burden, but it is a burden teachers should be glad to carry because their personal ministries are as important as their classroom instruction. If anyone can do it, your teachers can. They are wonderful” (President Henry B. Eyring quoted by Chad H Webb, “Messengers of the Good News”).


When will we implement the changes?

Teachers, please consult with your supervisor or coordinator on the timing for these changes.

  • Northern Hemisphere: New school year 2023 using the new system functionality.
  • Southern Hemisphere: New school year 2023 using the legacy system functionality or mid-year 2023 using the new system functionality.


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Reading Requirements

The new Seminary Scripture Passages include roughly 60 pages from the book of scripture for the course (30 pages per traditional term/semester). These pages have been carefully selected because of their doctrinal depth and richness. In addition, the scripture passages should be the standard for makeup work for previously missed reading requirements.

OLD REQUIREMENT: Read scriptures at least 75% of term calendar days.
NEW: Encourage personal goals. Some selected readings are required.

Recording reading in WISE

  • Students who complete the required selected passages for the term: "Mark all Readings" complete for the student.
  • Students who do not complete the required reading for the term: Show the reported reading below 75%.
  • Remember, student goals are not recorded in WISE.


Learning Assessments

In the January 2023 S&I Broadcast, Brother Webb announced that “the learning assessment will move from an individual assessment to a group review.” As a result, teachers should do the following for 2024:

[With students present for the in-class assessment]
Use the Doctrinal Mastery: Assessment Review 1 for the first term (or Review 2 for the second term).

  • These reviews provide a more collaborative approach to the assessment. 
  • Credit is given to all students present at the assessment.

[For students who miss the in-class assessment]
Provide Doctrinal Mastery: Assessment 1 for the first term to complete (or Assessment 2 for the second term).

  • The makeup assessment may be taken on their own, with others, or with their teacher.
  • Credit is given when the assessment is returned to the teacher. 

Record a 100% score in WISE for those who participate in the group learning assessment and those who return a makeup assessment.

For each scripture course, two assessment reviews are required (one per traditional term/semester). These reviews may need to be adapted for those on other schedules (such as trimester) to address the doctrinal mastery passages studied. For questions about how to adapt, please email

OLD REQUIREMENT: Complete the course Learning Assessment with at least a 75% score.
NEW: Participate in a collaborative Doctrinal Mastery Learning Assessment experience.

Online and Home-Study Assignments

Online and home-study assignments should be completed and submitted as follows:

  • Online Students: Complete the assessment and submit it through Canvas. 
  • Home-Study Students: Complete the assessment and submit it as directed by the home-study teacher.

Making Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The purpose of assessment accommodations is to enable students with specific needs, disabilities, or health-related conditions to participate in the assessment on an equal basis with other students. Teachers should make appropriate accommodations to meet the specific needs, disabilities, and health-related conditions of their students. Learn more.

Students Requesting Makeup Assessments for 2020, 2021, and 2022

For students requesting makeup assessments for prior years, teachers can share the Study Guide and Learning Assessment materials shown below. The makeup assessment may be taken on their own or with others. Credit is given when the assessment is returned to the teacher, and teachers will record this as 100%.

Note: Bubble sheets should not be used; ExcelSoft is no longer available to process the sheets. 

Old Testament (2022)

Book of Mormon (2020)

Doctrine and Covenants (2021)



The attendance requirement has not changed. Award credit to students with at least 75% participation. Attending seminary blesses students in their efforts to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

“Seminary and institute will help you remodel your home to become a sanctuary of faith—a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ is taught, learned, lived, and loved.… “Graduating from seminary and institute will increase your ability to excel in the most important things you will ever do in life. True joy will be yours!” (President Russell M. Nelson, “A Personal Invitation to Participate in Seminary and Institute”).

Note: In released-time seminary, unexcused absences should be made up before credit is given.


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