March 27, 2020

    Using the New Book of Mormon Videos (Mosiah–Alma) to Enhance Student Learning

    King Benjamin testifies to his people

    The Church recently began releasing another set of episodes in the new Book of Mormon series depicting select events from Mosiah 1 to Alma 42. The Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions will help teachers integrate related video segments into their lessons (these instructions may also be accessed through the online Book of Mormon Teacher Manual). 

    The example below is a page from the online seminary teacher manual. Clicking on the link illustrated by the arrow opens the sidebar with instructions for using the video: 

    Sidebar in Gospel Library

    We encourage teachers to seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost in using the videos in their classroom instruction or in preparing remote learning experiences to help students understand the events and teachings of various Book of Mormon passages. Along with previous videos from the series, the following segments will be available before June 2020: 


    Scripture Block

    Video Title 
    (See instructions for segments or timecodes)

    Video Release (2020)


    Mosiah 2-5

    King Benjamin Addresses His People

    March 13

    58 - 61

    Mosiah 11-18

    Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ

    March 20


    Mosiah 27; Alma 36

    Alma the Younger is Converted unto the Lord

    March 27

    70 - 73

    Alma 4-7

    Alma Preaches the Word of God

    April 17


    Alma 8-15

    Alma and Amulek are Delivered by the Power of God

    April 24


    Alma 17-19

    Ammon Serves and Teaches King Lamoni

    May 1


    Alma 31-34

    Alma and Amulek Teach about Faith in Jesus Christ 

    May 8


    Alma 36-42

    Alma Counsels His Sons

    May 15


    Note:  Since the translation of the videos into other languages is still underway, the Book of Mormon video instructions are only available in English.

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