Frequently Asked Questions—Seminary

How do I register my youth for seminary?

Seminary registration is conducted in the mySeminary app at This app also provides parents with a variety of new features beyond the option to complete yearly registration. They are able to manage their contact information and their youths’ attendance. In addition, they are able to see their youths’ graduation progress and class lesson schedule. Priesthood leaders can also monitor the registration progress of the youth in their ward and their progress toward graduation from seminary.

A paper registration form is still available for those who do not have Internet access. Print the form, fill it out, and turn it in to your local seminary representative.

Does seminary have a home-study option?

Home-study seminary classes can be organized in areas where students cannot attend a daily class due to distance or other factors such as a disability. S&I-prepared materials are provided for weekday study at home. Students participate in one or more classes each week under the direction of a stake teacher to discuss their studies. Home-study students from several wards can meet together occasionally for instruction under the direction of the local seminary coordinator. Under the direction of stake youth leaders, home-study students can hold activities in conjunction with this instruction. Classes should not be held on Sunday unless the Church Board of Education has given specific approval to do so.

Is seminary available online?

S&I provides Online Seminary for students who are unable to participate in daily, home-study, or released-time seminary programs. Online Seminary uses online text, video, pictures, and questions to guide students through their scripture study. Like all S&I programs, Online Seminary operates under the direction of local priesthood leadership. It is not an independent study option; students are organized into classes with a called teacher who shepherds them through the course by encouraging student participation, supervising students’ online work, and ensuring that students participate in weekly classes.

What are the seminary graduation requirements?

Students are required to meet the attendance requirement (75%), complete the designated reading for each course, and complete a biannual course learning assessment for each year that they participate in seminary. Further information is available here.

Is the seminary curriculum available online? If so, where?

Yes, the seminary curriculum is available online. Visit the Manuals section of this website to view, download, annotate, or print all or just a portion of the seminary curriculum for all four years of seminary.