What Is Invite All?

Understanding the Invite All Priority
What is invite all?

Over the past few years our S&I priorities have included Extend Our Exposure, REACH, Reach More, Reach One More, and Invite All. Each of these priorities represents our desire to help more youth and young adults participate more fully in the seminary and institute programs of the Church across the world. A major focus of inviting students has been to help them enroll and attend. This year we would like to challenge every employee to think bigger—to see “inviting all” as more than just encouraging enrollment and attendance.

For this priority, we want to invite each individual student to more fully participate in his or her respective program. For one student, this might be simply enrolling. For another, this might mean attending seminary or institute regularly or arriving on time. For others, it might be reading the course text, completing and passing the assessment, engaging in class discussion, gaining a better understanding of the doctrine, obtaining a testimony or increasing in testimony, or more fully applying the principles taught that day, quarter, or semester.

In past years we have encouraged specific behaviors or established expected increases in enrollment or attendance. This year, however, we would like each area, program, faculty, and individual teacher to carefully identify an opportunity or challenge to focus on. Then, by working closely with local priesthood leaders, each instructor should create a plan that will produce more effective invitations and follow-up and then implement that plan and determine how to best measure success.

As we extend specific invitations that are targeted to clearly identified needs, we are much more likely to succeed. We have provided “A Process for Success”  as a guide to help you apply principles that have proven effective for teachers in recent years. Stories of how other instructors have successfully used these principles are also available on the S&I website. We ask that you use these as a guide as you seek to bless more lives by inviting all.

Please know that we truly appreciate the great efforts you have made in the past. And your Heavenly Father does too. May God bless us as we strive to do even better in the future.