Change of Heart Story

Teacher in class

A coordinator in the Central America Area related the following account of seeing an extraordinary change in the attitude and testimony of a fellow seminary teacher:

"Early last year when we started the training program we were successful in reaching 95 percent attendance of teachers, but we were missing one teacher because of work conflicts. We repeatedly worked by different means to locate him in order to enroll his three students in WISE.

"When we finally contacted this teacher, he was extremely annoyed. He argued that the trainings were becoming boring, and among other things, he worked at night, was tired, lacked interest, and found participation unpleasant. While using the orientation sheet, we mentioned that one of a teacher's responsibilities is also handling administrative matters. He said that if this were true he preferred to be released from his calling because he knew how to teach and felt he could continue to do so without having to go to training meetings.

"The coordinator asked for just 30 minutes to talk, and after that if he still thought the same we would not insist he continue.

"He agreed and came to the office, where the atmosphere was prepared so that he could have a spiritual experience. Using the scriptures, the teaching and learning handbook, and church music, after 30 minutes the teacher didn’t want the training to end. He wanted to learn more, and after reviewing the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I) objective, he remembered that he had other youth who he had not looked after. He promised to visit them and get them enrolled. From that moment on, this brother not only didn’t stop attending training but enrolled seven students and rededicated himself with love in his efforts to recover youth who had studied in previous years so that they could graduate."

The key to having the heart of a rescuer is acting upon the influence of the Spirit in this work and the religious programs that come from God. This teacher is a clear example of turning our hearts into the "heart of a rescuer."

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