Doctrinal Mastery

Principles and Desired Outcomes - 2016
Doctrinal Mastery

Help students follow divinely ordained principles for acquiring spiritual knowledge and developing doctrinal mastery.


  • Students acquire spiritual knowledge and are better prepared to respond to questions as they follow the principles and patterns that Heavenly Father has established for us to learn and understand truth.
  • Students will deepen their conversion and commitment to Jesus Christ, be protected against the influences of the adversary, and be better prepared to bless the lives of others as they come to understand, believe, and live according to the Savior’s doctrine.

Desired Outcomes

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I) leaders and teachers will:

  • Become thoroughly familiar with all of the Doctrinal Mastery materials.
  • Develop and carry out a plan designed to accomplish the following outcomes for Doctrinal Mastery:
    • Learning and applying divine principles for acquiring spiritual knowledge and responding to questions by acting in faith, examining concepts and questions with an eternal perspective, and seeking further understanding through divinely appointed sources.
    • Mastering the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the scripture passages in which that doctrine is taught.
  • Continue to incorporate the principles and practices of Seek Truth when responding to students’ questions.

Students will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Doctrinal Topics as found in the scriptures and words of the prophets.
  • Know how the statements of doctrine are taught in doctrinal mastery scripture passages and be able to remember and locate those passages.
  • Be able to explain each statement of doctrine clearly, using the associated doctrinal mastery passages.
  • Deepen and maintain their faith as they apply what they learn in their daily choices and in their responses to doctrinal, social, and historical issues and questions.

The Doctrinal Mastery Core Document is available here.

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