January 21, 2022

New Resources to Help You Gather Youth and Young Adults to Jesus Christ

Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

A New Gospel Teaching and Learning Handbook with Teacher Development Skills

The handbook contains five principles that enable teaching more in the Savior’s way. It also presents some practices for applying the principles. Scripture sources, teachings from Church leaders, and Teacher Development Skills elevate your preparation. Each principle and skill enhance the learner experience in your classroom.

The handbook is now available in six languages. It prepares us to transition in the future to the updated Teaching in the Savior’s Way. That future handbook will include all the S&I curriculum languages.

Download the Handbook PDF

Teaching and Learning in Seminaries and Institutes  

This PDF is a part of the new handbook. It gives an overview of the principles and practices of teaching and learning. These fundamentals promote learning experiences that lead to conversion, relevance, and belonging.

Download "Teaching and Learning in Seminaries and Institutes"