Online Seminary Resources

To help priesthood leaders understand online seminary classes, these resources contain instructions and guidelines regarding online seminary.

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Online seminary is an additional option to the existing daily, released-time, and home-study seminary classes. Online seminary is not intended to replace established daily or released-time classes. Preference should be given to classes where students meet daily face-to-face.

Online seminary classes should be considered in situations where students cannot meet each weekday because of distance or other limiting factors. Priesthood leaders should consider the number of students available and the distance students must travel, as well as security, availability of technology, and local economic conditions. Online seminary is preferred to home-study classes when students and teachers have daily access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

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Priesthood leaders should talk with their local Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I) coordinator/principal regarding the availability of online classes in their area. The decision of whether or not to offer an online seminary class and who may participate in the class will be determined locally by priesthood leaders in counsel with S&I coordinators.

Students complete online assignments on four days of each week. Additionally, the teacher and all students meet together for one class each week. If it is not possible to physically meet face-to-face, approved web conferencing tools should be used for the class to meet together. The initial classes will be available only in English.