Effective Collaboration: Working With Others


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After viewing this video, consider:

S&I Personnel: What ward or stake leadership do you feel impressed to follow up with after viewing this story?

Church Leaders: What can S&I personnel do to assist you as you shepherd the youth and young adults in your ward or stake?


When seminary and institute personnel collaborate with church leaders, students, parents and missionaries, invitations are more likely to reach the hearts of the students and succeed in helping them enroll, attend, and complete seminary and institute.

Collaboration Videos

The video above is an introduction to several media pieces that will be a significant part of in helping seminary and institute personnel and local priesthood and other church leaders effectively collaborate to invite youth and young adults to participate in seminary and institute. In an effort to streamline communication with church leaders throughout the world, members of ward councils as well as seminary and institute coordinators and stake representatives will receive periodic emails inviting them to view videos related to their calling or assignment.

We invite you to become familiar with the main story as well as the stories of all the individuals who were involved in order to more effectively bless the lives of youth and young adults through seminary and institute. S&I personnel are available to assist local leaders in this great effort by sharing ideas and/or using these media pieces for stake or ward Council meetings or other opportunities.

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