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Gratitude Beyond Our Own Blessings

We can rejoice with others as they receive blessings.

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Grateful for Our Lot

It is often within the diversity of our circumstances, even the difficult ones, that we recognize the loving hand of our Father in Heaven most clearly.

Jesus Christ

#LightTheWorld in Institute

Join thousands of people around the world by spreading the Light of Christ through different acts of service each week.

Did You Miss the Worldwide Devotional: A Face to Face with Elder Cook?

Elder Quentin L. Cook, Matt Grow, and Kate Holbrook discussed Church history questions from young adults around the world.


The FamilySearch Approach to Church History

Use this new classroom help to engage your students in their Church history studies.

Answering Your Students’ Doctrinal, Historical, and Social Questions

Use newly compiled resources to help answer your students’ doctrinal, historical, and social questions.

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Explore Our Journey through History Together

Saints, Vol. 1

Saints: A New History of the Church

The Church will be releasing the first of a four-volume narrative about the early Saints.

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New Doctrinal Mastery Training Resources

Explore new resources to help teachers and students understand and apply Doctrinal Mastery principles and practices.

Elder Kearon

Did You Miss the Worldwide Devotional with Elder Kearon?

Elder and Sister Kearon spoke to young adults ages 18–30 on May 6, 2018.