Personal Learning Project

Institute Elevate Learning Experience, 2016

Propose and carry out a personal learning project, approved by your teacher, in which you deepen your understanding of the course content, apply the doctrines and principles in the course, and seek to increase your faith in Jesus Christ. The following are examples of personal learning projects:

  • Studying a gospel topic from the course that interests you.
  • Identifying a real-world situation and applying the course content in a case study.
  • Creating a resource (e.g., social media, graphic art, music, and so forth) based on the course content that would be of value to others.

To fulfill the course requirement, the project must:

  • Be approved by your teacher.
  • Be relevant to the course content and include personal application.
  • Include a report of what you did and the project's value to you and others.

Prayerfully consider a project that will be meaningful to you. You may want to brainstorm project ideas with your classmates, teacher, family members, or priesthood leaders. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a project idea, talk to your teacher.