September 28, 2017

Learning Assessment Software Makes Online Assessing Easy

Online learning assessments and other resources help teachers better understand students’ needs.
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Learning Assessment Software

Learning assessment (LA) software will help you administer learning assessments and quickly collect results. You have two options for administering an assessment.

  • Online: This option allows students to use a computer or mobile device to complete the learning assessment.

  • Print: This option allows students to use paper and a pencil to complete the learning assessment. Each bubble sheet is coded for a specific student. Bubble sheets are automatically scored when you scan them.

Class and individual reports are available to help teachers understand the needs of their students.

Information and training about the LA software as video, handouts, and online demonstrations can be found here as well as part of the Seminary Learning Assessments in the Gospel Library app. After students complete the learning assessments using the software, results are automatically recorded in the gradebook in WISE.

The software is available in 37 languages. The training for the software is available in the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Teachers are invited to begin using the LA software to administer the Book of Mormon seminary learning assessments.

Piloted Assessments

Optional assessments are being piloted to help teachers better understand what students are learning. The following piloted assessments are available in the LA software.

  • The Book of Mormon pre-assessments contain revised questions from the Book of Mormon seminary learning assessments. (Available in English only.)

  • The Doctrinal Topics for the Book of Mormon assessment contains questions for each of the nine doctrinal topics. (Available in 37 languages.)

  • Weekly Reviews are short, 10-question quizzes that cover the first 16 units of the curriculum. Teachers can give these weekly reviews either before or after teaching that unit. (Available in English only.)

  • The Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge Survey is a confidential self-assessment students can take to examine how well they are applying principles of acquiring spiritual knowledge in their lives. Teachers cannot see individual student responses, though an aggregate report will be available to them if more than five students complete the survey. (Available in English only.)

The scores for these piloted assessments are not recorded in the gradebook in WISE.

Questions about the LA software or feedback on the piloted assessments can be sent to