September 14, 2016

Guidance and Confidence through the Gospel

In a world of shifting values and uncertain futures, young adults today can receive guidance for life and gain confidence to make important life decisions when they adhere to the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As you focus on this important message throughout October and November, consider sharing these images with your classes.

Invite Students to Share

Please invite students to share on social media how the gospel of Jesus Christ provides guidance in their lives and strengthens their confidence in making important life decisions. They can find shareable images on the LDS Institutes of Religion Facebook page. Specific images about receiving guidance and gaining confidence are included below.

How to Share

You and your students can share on social media what you have learned from discussions in class about how the gospel gives guidance and builds confidence. Invite students to answer the following questions on social media:

  • How does the gospel of Jesus Christ guide me in my life?
  • How does the gospel of Jesus Christ enable me to make important life decisions with confidence?

Include #LDSInstitute and #MyFuture in the post.