September 28, 2017

Great Things Await Those Who Gather

Young adult students are encouraged to gather at institute and share their spiritual experiences on social media.
young adults talking

The Lord loves all His children, including young adult students. He has promised them a defense and a refuge from the storms of life as they gather together and strengthen one another (see D&C 115:6). In addition to their homes, wards, and stakes, institute is a place where students can find the peace, instruction, fellowship, and encouragement they need. As they gather together at institute, they prepare to gather often in the temple and claim the blessings found therein. Truly, “great things await [them]” (D&C 45:62) by gathering together at institute.

As you prepare to teach lesson 8: “The Gathering of Latter-day Israel” from the Foundations of the Restoration Teacher Manual, remind students of the blessings of regularly gathering at institute. Also, consider reviewing the following resources about the importance of gathering:

Invite Students to Share Online

Invite students to share on social media how attending institute strengthens them to face the challenges in their lives. They can find images on the LDS Institutes of Religion Facebook page to include with their posts. Other media is included below.

You and your students can share insights on social media by answering the following questions:

  • How does gathering at institute with those who share my beliefs strengthen me against the challenges of the world?

  • How does attending institute prepare me to claim the blessings of the temple?

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