January 9, 2017

Examining Concepts and Questions with an Eternal Perspective

Doctrinal Mastery invites students to see life and questions through the lens of the Lord’s truth.
Bulletin board

“To examine doctrinal concepts, questions, and social issues with an eternal perspective, we consider them in the context of the plan of salvation and the teachings of the Savior. We seek the help of the Holy Ghost in order to see things as the Lord sees them. This allows us to reframe the question (to see the question differently) and view ideas based on the Lord’s standard of truth” (Doctrinal Mastery Core Document [2016], 2).

This is a key element to acquiring spiritual knowledge. Watch the video below for an example of what this looks like. In the video, a seminary student helps her friend with a difficult question by examining it with an eternal perspective.

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In the following video, Brother Chad Webb provides instruction on how seminary teachers can assist students in following the pattern to see and reframe questions based on the Lord’s standard of truth.

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Institute teachers have started to apply the principles of Doctrinal Mastery to their teaching and interaction with students. In the video below, Brother Webb indicates how Doctrinal Mastery is not just for seminary but can be a blessing to institute teachers and students as well.

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