May 31, 2018

Did You Miss the Worldwide Devotional with Elder Kearon?

Elder Kearon

Elder and Sister Kearon spoke to young adults ages 18–30 in a worldwide broadcast from Brigham Young University–Idaho. You can download and view the devotional here.

Sister Kearon began the devotional speaking about the infinite worth we each have. She reminded us of Heavenly Father’s love for us and the divine plan She encouraged us to learn and grow through the grace of Christ. As she concluded her message, she left us with a final message of hope: “You have been created for a joyful, abundant existence. Your worth is infinite, and so is God’s love for you” (“Your Infinite Worth and God’s Infinite Love” [evening with a General Authority, May 6, 2018]).

Elder Kearon then spoke about the miracles and blessings of ministry and service. In a message echoing the profound messages in the April 2018 general conference, Elder Kearon urged each of us to live as the Savior did, minister, and transform our lives. He promised that if we heed the call to minister, we will find joy and fulfillment and become less self-focused. There are many benefits and blessings from this elevated ministering. As Elder Kearon described, “The beauty of this kind of service, ministry, or discipleship is that it helps others in ways too numerous to list, but it also transforms us by taking us away from our worries, fears, anxieties, and doubts” (“A Hallmark of the Lord’s True and Living Church” [evening with a General Authority, May 6, 2018]).

Ministering should reflect the way our Savior taught. It requires us to act upon the promptings of the Spirit as we serve those around us. Elder Kearon concluded his message by emphasizing our purpose: “Our highest and best endeavor is to share the light, hope, joy, and purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ with all of God’s children and help them find the path home. Helping, serving, and ministering to them are the manifestations of the gospel in action. As we make this a way of life, we will discover that it is uniquely fulfilling, and it is how we can find the peace and joy which may have eluded us” (“A Hallmark of the Lord’s True and Living Church”).

As we study the messages shared in this devotional and incorporate them into our lives and classrooms, we will be able to gain a deeper understanding of our infinite worth and the meaning of ministry.