September 17, 2018

Answering Your Students’ Doctrinal, Historical, and Social Questions

Use newly compiled resources to help answer your students’ doctrinal, historical, and social questions.

We live in a world where a nearly infinite amount of information sits at the tips of our fingers. But how do we know what information is true and accurate? Our students can go online and search any question they may have, but where are their search results leading them?

When students have gospel questions, we know how to find answers: the scriptures, manuals, general conference addresses, and other resources on However, students may also have questions that extend past the standard gospel questions and explore more in-depth doctrinal, historical, and social questions. When it comes to doctrinal, historical, or social questions, our students should feel comfortable approaching their seminary or institute teachers, and we should know how to help them find answers to their questions.

In an effort to better address doctrinal, historical, and social questions, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion has developed an online resource to help aid you and your students in your quest for answers. Located on the and homepages, this new resource makes finding resources quick and easy. These pages and most of the resources are only available in English.

The resource page titled “Answering Doctrinal, Historical, and Social Questions” will help you find reliable sources to study and prepare to respond to doctrinal, historical, and social questions from your students. Organized by topics, the webpages provide additional resources such as scriptures, talks, historical documents, and links to other websites such as Fair Mormon and others. These pages are not meant to answer your questions but to provide appropriate resources to discover answers for yourself.

We hope that these resources will assist you as you help students learn how to approach answering their questions and develop their testimonies. Learning how to explore and resolve our questions will help us as we strive for deep learning in the gospel.

Click here to begin exploring these resources.