Parents' Role in Institute

Mother reading scriptures with daughter

As youth transition from secondary education and seminary to post-graduation life, many important life choices await them. Missions, post-secondary education, employment, and other exciting and often-stressful opportunities are at their door. As parents, you can continue to be an important influence during this period. Even though your young adult children may have moved away from home, you still have the responsibility to encourage them to attend institute.

Some years ago, President Boyd K. Packer (1924–2015) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said, “Without guidance, your student may choose . . . another course instead of an institute class. That would surely be a mistake. It would be like adding one more brick to the house of knowledge when there is little mortar to hold it all together. Parents, encourage, even insist, that your students register for . . . institute” (“Agency and Control,” Ensign, May 1983, 67).

President Packer’s direction is even more applicable today. Life comes at a young adult very fast, but institute can provide opportunities to build upon what a student learned in seminary. Institute can help young adults strengthen their commitment to Jesus Christ and find answers to their questions as they study from the scriptures and words of modern-day prophets. As young adults learn together and strengthen one another while seeking guidance from the Holy Ghost, they are better prepared to succeed in all facets of their lives.

President Thomas S. Monson stated, “If you are a single college student, I ask you to make participation in institute a priority. Married students and other young adults are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Think of it. Friends will be made, the Spirit will be felt, and faith will be strengthened. I promise you that as you participate in institute and study the scriptures diligently, your power to avoid temptation and to receive direction of the Holy Ghost in all you do will be increased. Divine favor will attend those who humbly seek it. That is a promise which I leave with you” (April 21, 2009).

You can help your young adult sons and daughters find an institute class and even encourage them to continue participating in institute until they graduate. The four Cornerstone courses provide a strong foundation for young adults and will aid them in strengthening their testimony and remaining true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wherever young adults are or wherever they are headed, institute can make a big difference in who they are and who they become. We invite you to do everything you can to help your sons and daughters succeed in institute.