Institute Course Transfer to Church Schools

The following Institute of Religion courses will transfer to Church schools; however, where equivalent courses are not offered at that Church school, institute credit will transfer as elective credit only. See the links below for more information on how the credit transfers to each institution.

Institute Courses that Transfer to Church Schools

Cornerstone Courses

  • The Eternal Family (Rel 200)
  • Foundations of the Restoration (Rel 225)
  • Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel (Rel 250)
  • Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon (Rel 275)

Primary Electives

  • Book of Mormon I & II (Rel 121–122)
  • Missionary Preparation (Rel 130)
  • New Testament I & II (Rel 211–212)
  • Scripture Study—The Power of the Word (Rel 215)
  • Old Testament I & II (Rel 301–302)
  • Doctrine and Covenants I & II (Rel 324–325)
  • Pearl of Great Price (Rel 327)
  • Teachings of the Living Prophets (Rel 333)
  • Latter-day Saint History: Joseph Smith—Martydom (Rel 341)
  • Latter-day Saint History: Brigham Young—Lorenzo Snow (Rel 342)
  • Latter-day Saint History: Joseph F. Smith—Present (Rel 343)

Secondary Electives

  • Preparing for Eternal Marriage (Rel 390R)
  • Building an Eternal Marriage (Rel 390R)
  • Introduction to Family History (Rel 390R)
  • Presidents of the Church (Rel 390R)
  • Doctrines of the Gospel, Part 1 (Rel 390R)
  • Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith (Rel 390R)
  • The Book of Isaiah (Rel 390R)
  • The Restored Gospel and Christian History (Rel 390R)
  • The Restored Gospel and World Religions (Rel 390R)
  • The Writings of John the Beloved (Rel 390R)
  • Methods for Teaching Seminary (Rel 471)
  • Seminary Teacher Seminar (Rel 475)

Note: Students who have taken one-credit versions of institute courses will need to complete both one-credit parts of a course in order to transfer credit.

Religion Requirements by School

The following links provide information about religion requirements for the individual schools:

Note: Institute religion course transfer credit can satisfy both the content and residency requirement at BYU–Idaho.

Note: All Cornerstone courses will transfer to all Church schools as Cornerstone religion credit but will not satisfy the residency religion credit requirement at BYU, BYU–H, or LDSBC. See “Residency Requirement” below for more information.

Residency Requirement

Even if students transfer institute religion credit to BYU, BYU–H, or LDSBC, these three schools also require students to complete residency religious requirements per each institution’s policies. Residency credit requires students to enroll and complete religion courses while they are students on campus.

For example, Tiffany attends the Taylorsville Institute of Religion adjacent to the Salt Lake Community College. She completes all four Cornerstone courses and is then accepted to BYU to complete her bachelor’s degree. BYU will accept Tiffany’s institute credit to fulfill BYU’s Cornerstone religion requirement, but Tiffany will still enroll in religion courses while she is a student at BYU.