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This page includes stories of how people shared the Book of Mormon and what you can do to share it too.

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The Book of Mormon App

While the Gospel Library app also includes the scriptures, the Book of Mormon app, which can be shared instantly and continuously, is much less overwhelming for a first-time reader. Users can read and listen to the Book of Mormon in over 100 languages, chat with a missionary, and discover additional resources.

How the Book of Mormon App makes it easier to find answers to spiritual questions and how to come closer to God.
Share the Book of Mormon App

Calyann felt like something was missing from her life. After she had many conversations with her dear friend, he gifted her a copy of the Book of Mormon. Watch how she found Jesus Christ and learned more about herself through the message of the book.

Friends, fun, success—Calyann had it all! That was until she realized she lived in a prison of her own making. While learning of Jesus Christ, Calyann felt His love, which is available to all who seek Him.
Jesus is Real: Calyann’s Experience with the Book of Mormon

Share the Book of Mormon on Social Media

The ability to flood the earth with the message of the Book of Mormon is right at your fingertips. You can post scripture quotes on your profile or direct message them to your friends and followers. Click on the link below to find a gallery of picture quotes from the Book of Mormon and other scriptures.

You never know the positive impact your message on social media can have. Watch below how Natalie first heard of the Book of Mormon through an Instagram post and how it transformed the life of her and her family.

When Natalie and Ryan started looking for a church to call home, they never expected to find what they were looking for in a social post.
Welcome, Ryan & Natalie

The Book of Mormon also has its own official social media profiles. Follow these accounts and invite others to follow them to learn more about the power of the Book of Mormon.

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Book of Mormon Videos

Share these videos that depict accounts from the Book of Mormon. These are powerful videos that allow viewers to get a glimpse of the power of the book. The series is available on the Book of Mormon Videos YouTube channel, the Latter-day Saints Channel, Gospel Library, and Amazon Prime.