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Review Your Local Church

Share the Gospel by Posting an Online Review of Your Local Chapel

When people are looking for somewhere new to attend church, internet searches are often the first place they turn. You can help people understand what to expect when they come to church and what the experience is like. Help visitors choose your local chapel by leaving a review about your pre-COVID experience on Google Maps or any service you use regularly.
A video to encourage members to review their local church online.
Review of Your Local Church Online

Ideas of What to Share

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, new visitors are searching for uplifting sermons and a sense of belonging. As you write your review, consider sharing the times you’ve felt welcomed or inspired at church.

Need an idea for where to start? Here are a few examples:

Google Review: Meagan Larsen
Google Review: Cody Birt
Google Review: Melinda Preisler
Google Review: Karen Richardson
Google Review: Kevin Louder