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July 31, 2022, Fifth Sunday – Sharing the Gospel (50 minutes)

The bishopric should consider inviting the Relief Society presidency, elders quorum presidency, ward mission leader, and youth leaders to participate in facilitating the discussion. The bishopric should also determine whether youth and adults should meet separately or together.


The purpose of this meeting is to recognize and discuss together the joy and blessings that come from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Focus the meeting on the following two objectives:

  1. Help each young man prepare for and serve a mission, and help each young woman who desires to prepare for and serve a mission.
  2. Help each member share the gospel of Jesus Christ in normal and natural ways by acting upon the principles of love, share, and invite.

Follow the guidance of the Spirit as you prepare. Teach in a way that encourages your ward or branch members to participate in the discussion, especially the youth. The following outline has been provided for your use in preparing. Download PDF

Our Covenant Responsibility and Blessing to Preach the Gospel of Peace (10 minutes)

Begin the meeting by showing the following clip from President Russell M. Nelson’s recent general conference address.

Video Clip of President Russell M. Nelson

Questions for discussion (5 minutes): 

  • What did you learn or what impressions did you receive during the prophet’s message?
  • Why is sharing the gospel so important to the Lord?
  • How do you feel about President Nelson’s comments about the Lord’s expectations of the rising generation regarding missionary service?
  • What can we do personally and collectively to accomplish what the Lord expects of us regarding sharing the gospel?

Preparing for Missionary Service (10 minutes)

The following video clips from President M. Russell Ballard and Elder Quentin L. Cook share counsel on how the youth can personally prepare for missionary service and how family, friends, and Church leaders can have a positive influence.

Video Clips from President Ballard and Elder Cook

Questions for discussion (5 minutes): 

  • How can family, leaders, and friends help children and youth prepare and serve?
  • What are you as a youth doing to follow the prophet’s direction to prepare for missionary service?
  • How can you as a youth help your friends prepare to serve?

The Blessings of Missionary Service (8 minutes)

In this video, President Ballard shares his personal experience of deciding to serve a mission as a young man and the blessings he received as a result.

Video Clip of President M. Russell Ballard

Questions for discussion (5 minutes): 

  • For those who have served missions, how has that experience blessed your life?
  • What are you—as youth and as adults—looking forward to during your missionary service?

Other Scriptures and Resources 

Love, Share, Invite (16 minutes)

The blessings and joy of missionary work are available to each of us. All Church members are blessed as we—in normal and natural ways—love God and our neighbors; share the gospel as an extension of our personal, family, and church life; and invite others to come and see, to come and help, and to come and belong. Sharing the gospel gives joy to us, to the Lord, and to others; it brings the Spirit and God’s power more abundantly into our lives (Mosiah 18:10, John 15:4-5); it protects us from temptation (3 Nephi 18:24-25); and it brings healing and forgiveness of sins (Doctrine and Covenants 62:3).  

The following videos from Elders Quentin L. Cook and Gary E. Stevenson expound on these teachings.

Video Clip of Elder Gary E. Stevenson
Video Clip from Sharing the Gospel Broadcast

Questions for discussion (10 minutes):

  • How does sharing the gospel bring us closer to Jesus Christ?
  • How can you normally and naturally involve others in your Christ-centered life?
  • How can our ward or branch create an environment where it is easy to love, share, and invite?

Other Scriptures and Resources 

Final Remarks, Invitation, and Witness (2 minutes)

  • Invite the class to prayerfully consider how to help each other and especially the youth prepare for missionary service.
  • Invite ward leaders and members to minister to those who have not yet heard the prophet’s message.
  • Invite the youth to prepare for missionary service and to invite their friends to do likewise.
  • Invite all to actively love, share, and invite those around them in normal and natural ways.
  • Bear witness of the restored gospel and the joy of sharing it with others.