Day of Service

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Church welfare plan, the First Presidency invites members worldwide to render service to the poor and needy. Coordinating councils will provide direction to wards and stakes regarding this service. The length of this service may be flexible depending on the service rendered and may be undertaken at any time during 2011.


President Eyring’s Counsel

  1. First, prepare yourself and those you lead spiritually.
  2. Second, choose as recipients of your service people within the kingdom or in the community whose needs will touch the hearts of those who will give the service.
  3. Last, plan to draw on the power of the bonds of families, of quorums, of auxiliary organizations, and of people you know in your communities.

Day of Service: Project Guidelines

  • Invite community participation.
  • Design projects in harmony with the spirit of the Church welfare program.
  • Design projects that can include families and individuals.
  • Projects should be reasonable and considerate of the time constraints of leaders and participants.
  • Include full-time missionaries where practical.