Service Missionary Candidate

    We are all spirit children of a loving Heavenly Father. He sent us to earth with different abilities and talents. With these abilities, each of us can give meaningful service to help build the kingdom of God on the earth. The Lord said, “If ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work” (Doctrine and Covenants 4:3). Everyone who is worthy and has a desire to serve may have the opportunity to be called as a missionary.

    Do you want to serve the Church, your community, and your family? Do you want to have valuable spiritual experiences as a missionary? You may be called to a custom-tailored service mission! Service missionaries are called by the Lord to serve in assignments at Church operations, at approved nonprofit community organizations, and within their stake.

    Wherever you go and however you serve, you will be greatly blessed. As a service missionary, you:

    • Follow the example of Jesus Christ.
    • Give meaningful service.
    • Study and pray.
    • Build life skills.
    • Help fulfill the Church’s divinely appointed responsibilities

    Can I choose between a teaching mission or a service mission?

    You may be called to a service mission if you have been honorably excused from serving a teaching mission for health reasons or other considerations. Wherever you go or how you serve, you will be blessed.

    How do I start?

    Talk with your bishop and your parents about your desire to serve a mission. Your bishop will interview you to learn more about your unique abilities and circumstances. He will then work with you, your family, and your stake president to guide you through the mission application process.

    How long does it take to receive a mission call?

    It depends. Your mission call is inspired! It takes time to find the best fit for your talents and abilities, so you might need to be patient. Usually it takes two or three weeks from the time your stake president completes the recommendation form to the time you receive your mission call.

    When can I begin serving?

    We love the enthusiasm! You will begin serving as soon as you receive a call and are set apart by your stake president.

    Where will I be serving?

    Service missionaries live at home and serve locally. There are many assignments you may be given. Here are some examples of assignments you may receive.

    Family History: Assist in the work for the dead by serving in the family history program. Your call may include FamilySearch indexing, worldwide FamilySearch support, family history center assistance, and family history library assistance.

    Seminaries and Institutes: Help members learn and live the gospel by supporting the seminary and institute programs. You could do office work and computer support. You could help with social media and events support. You could also help recruit and enroll students.

    Welfare Operations: Care for the poor and needy by serving in one of the many Church welfare operations. You will be blessed by serving in bishops’ storehouses, production facilities, farms, orchards, Deseret Industries, or employment resource centers.

    Community Service: Provide service to your community through approved nonprofit organizations. Your call may include serving at local food banks, pantries, shelters, senior citizen centers, and more.

    Compassionate Service Assigned by Your Bishop or Stake President: Give service to the people in your stake. You can help in many ways! For example, you could visit elderly members or nonmembers and provide service in their yards or homes. You could also learn a skill to share or teach, such as tuning up lawn mowers or bicycles.

    Who is my mission president?

    Your stake president is your ecclesiastical leader. He sets the spiritual and behavioral expectations during your mission.

    What clothing will I need?

    Your daily dress will depend on the type of service you provide. Always wear Church attire on Sundays.

    When should I wear the missionary badge?

    Always wear your missionary badge when serving in your assignments and in Church meetings. Do not wear your badge at other times, such as at young single adult activities.

    Where do I find my mission rules?

    You can find the mission rules and guidelines in the Service Missionary Handbook.

    Can I be transferred?

    Yes. Transfers can be considered. They are recommended by a service mission group leader and approved by your stake president.

    How am I helping to bring people closer to Christ?

    As you follow the example of Jesus Christ and show love, your example will strengthen those around you.

    How am I helping to build the kingdom of God?

    As you serve and obey with a willing heart, you will show the Lord your love for Him. You will also earn the trust and confidence of others. And you will qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost.