Caring for God’s Children through Improved Nutrition

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we covenant to care for all of God’s children around the world. Our goal is to serve and nurture children so they can reach their full potential.

Relief Society General, President Camille N. Johnson

Organized to Care For Those in Need

The most successful nutrition programs work through grassroots efforts in local communities, particularly with the involvement of women. The Church is uniquely organized to deliver these types of solutions through ward councils, ministering, and the Relief Society. In addition, the Church works with global organizations to improve nutrition for all children in need.

See What the Church is Doing to Help

Parents with a Baby
Family Empowerment
Families work to improve their children’s nutrition. Local Church councils assist families with knowledge, resources, and support to implement nutritional best practices in their own homes.
Young child
Community Assistance
Church support at the community level is led by area leadership who knows the needs and resources of their communities best, connecting the local community to resources in their area.
Peru Media Trip 2010
Global Support
We work with humanitarian organizations to provide global support to prevent and eliminate child malnutrition from conception to age five.

Get Involved

Children face malnourishment in communities throughout the world. Use the resources below to learn more about child nutrition, how it impacts our families, and how you may by able to help.

How Can I Get Involved?

If available in your area, you can get involved in this effort by visiting and searching for child nutrition or hunger related projects. Through prayer and guidance from the Spirit, you can also discover ways to help families in your community. For example, you can give a generous fast-offering, volunteer at a local food pantry, or cook a nutritious meal for a neighbor.