2013 Edition of the LDS Scriptures



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    The 2013 edition of the scriptures is available now on scriptures.lds.org and on mobile devices.

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    Print in August 2013

    Regular size scriptures in simulated leather and genuine leather will be available beginning in August 2013. Additional sizes and cover styles will become available in the following weeks. All sizes and cover styles will be available by October 2013. Pre-orders will be available in late spring, 2013. Members do not need to purchase new scriptures.

    1981 edition scriptures available here ›

    Additional Questions

    1.How do I replace the old version with the new 2013 edition in the Gospel Library mobile application?


    To update to the new 2013 scriptures in Gospel Library on Apple follow these 3 steps:

    1. Remove the old scriptures from Gospel Library

    • Tap the Home button on the lower left hand area of the screen
    • Tap the “Manage Library” at the top of the screen
    • Tap “Scriptures”
    • Tap “Remove All”
    • When the alert displays asking you to confirm, tap the “Remove” screen, and verify that the scriptures collection is no longer present

    2. Restart the Gospel Library

    • Press the hardware Home button on your device
    • Double-tap the hardware Home button to view your recently used apps. Your most recently used apps appear at the bottom of the screen, in order starting from the left. Flick to see more apps. 
    • Touch and hold the Gospel Library app icon until it begins to jiggle, then tap the red minus sign.

    3. Download the new 2013 scriptures

    • Open Gospel Library
    • Tap the Home button on the lower left hand area of the screen
    • Tap the “Manage Library” at the top of the screen
    • Tap “Scriptures”
    • Tap “Download All”
    • Tap the Home button on the lower left hand area of the screen
    • At this point you can watch the new 2013 scripture content appear as it downloads and installs.


    To update to the new 2013 scriptures in Gospel Library on Android, select the “Update Now” button from the “Content Update Available” prompt. You should see this prompt when you open Gospel Library.

    If you don't see the prompt, you can manually check for updates:
    • Ensure that the catalog is up-to-date by tapping the “Refresh” icon on the home screen. Then select “Refresh Catalog.”
    • Once the catalog is up-to-date, tap the “Refresh” icon again from the home screen, then select “Update [x] items.” (Note: this option is only visible when there are content updates available.)

    You will see a “Downloading” message in the notification bar while the updates are downloaded and installed. When the updates are complete, the new 2013 scripture content will be available to read.


    To update to the new 2013 scriptures in Gospel Library on Blackberry, select “settings” then “download latest content” to download the new edition of the scriptures.

    2.Will my personal notes, tags, highlights, and journal entries in Notes and Journal be maintained?

    Yes. All Notes and Journal notes, tags, highlights, journal entries, and functionality on LDS.org and the Gospel Library mobile applications will be maintained and preserved. In rare cases, a highlighted word or phrase may be off by a word or two. You can correct these highlights yourself if you choose, or they will correct automatically in a release in the coming months.

    3.Why did the scripture cover colors change? What colors will the scriptures be available in?

    A reduction in the number of colors and styles offered has been directed in an effort to simplify and standardize products in an increasingly global church environment. The colors available will be:

    Black: All scripture sizes, cover materials, and bindings (Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, triple combination, and the quadruple combination) will be available in black.

    Burgundy: Regular size simulated leather and regular size genuine leather scriptures will be available in burgundy.

    Brown: Regular size genuine leather scriptures will be available in brown.

    4.What is the difference between the new simulated leather and bonded leather scripture covers?

    The simulated leather is a synthetic material designed to assume leather-like attributes. The previous bonded leather material was composed of bonded leather pieces.  In customer surveys, this synthetic material was preferred over the previous bonded leather material in terms of look and feel. It is comparable to the genuine leather in terms of durability and feel.

    5.What are the differences between the new genuine leather and the previous genuine leather scripture covers?

    The new genuine leather cover is a cowhide material.  It looks and feels softer and thicker than the previous genuine leather cover material (which was pigskin leather).  Genuine cowhide leather has a patina that becomes richer over time as it takes on the markings of regular use and natural oils from the owner.

    6.How should I care for my new scriptures?

    The scriptures feature a premium genuine leather cover and the finest ultrathin, acid-free paper. A special binding-reinforcement process enhances their durability. They are warranted against defects; however, no guarantee is extended for normal wear and tear. Following these guidelines will extend the life of your scriptures:

    • Edge-gilded pages often stick together. Fan the pages gently to separate the gilded edges. You may need to separate some pages by placing them between your thumb and index finger and rubbing them together lightly.
    • To protect the spine, place the backbone (spine) of the closed book on a flat surface. Gently fold down approximately 100 pages at a time, alternating between the front and the back of the book. Continue working toward the center until the book is completely opened. Never bend the cover back from the center of the book.
    • Closing your book with pencils or other objects inside of it will cause strain on the binding and may cause it to crack and break.
    • Liquid-ink pens or markers may bleed through pages. Soft-lead pencils work best, but take care not to tear through the thin paper. Test any markings in an inconspicuous area first.
    • Do not expose your scriptures to extreme temperatures or moisture. Avoiding leaving your scriptures in direct sunlight. If the leather gets wet, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth before the water soaks in.
    • Slight blemishes and imperfections are natural in genuine leather and are part of the beauty of your scriptures. To clean the leather, gently rub it with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Do not treat the finish with a solvent-based cleaner.
    • Do not put tape or other adhesives on the leather, as they may damage the finish.

    The scent, brilliant nuances of color, and natural veins and marks enhance the richness of this leather. As you use your scriptures, the natural oils from your hands will affect the finish of the leather and create a book that is uniquely yours. Though signs of wear will eventually appear, with a little care you can enjoy beautiful scriptures for many years to come.

    7.What is the return policy for defective scriptures?

    Scriptures are guaranteed against defects for the life of the product.  Normal wear and use is expected and does not warrant an exchange or refund.

    8.What is the return policy for the previous edition of the scriptures?

    Members are not expected to purchase new scriptures with the publication of this new edition. All scriptures remain guaranteed against defects for the life of the product.