Ways to Give Back: Spread Awareness

A handwritten quote that reads, "I will teach my daughter that true service is loving your friends as sisters and treating them as the Savior would."

At the 2016 BYU Women’s Conference, LDS Charities put up a board and invited attendees to share how they were going to give back and take part in the “I Was a Stranger” initiative.

An important way to give back that is often overlooked is spreading awareness. When you share your experiences, others learn and can become motivated to act. Here are a few ways (shared by women at the conference) that people like you have committed to support the “I Was a Stranger” effort by spreading awareness:

“I will teach my children to love all people no matter their race or nationality.”—Sarah

“I will continue to spread awareness and share service opportunities through Facebook.”—Cynthia S.

 “I will better teach my children to serve.”—Mandie C.

“I will always be a good example to others!”—Morgan H.

“I will teach my children to serve others by my example in the home. That way, when they see someone in need, they will not be afraid to serve also!”—Joni D.

“I will create better interfaith relations in my community.”—Amy

“I will teach my third graders to be kind to others and to love everyone's differences.”—Julieta L.

 “I will educate my children to love and accept everyone.”—Tricia T.

“I will teach my daughter that true service is loving your friends as sisters and teaching them as the Savior would.”—Jennefer

“I will be an advocate of love and service.”—D. R.

“I will continue to volunteer as an advocate for all children and will prepare my own children to serve the Lord and bless His people by serving missions.”—Dawn R.

“I will help those in my ward who are looking for opportunities to serve learn about resources.”—Anonymous

 “I will share my refugee experience with my brothers and sisters.”—Yvonne B.

Help spread awareness by sharing your experiences via social media using #IWasAStranger.