Ways to Give Back: Pray

A quote about asking the Lord who to serve each day.

At the 2016 BYU Women’s Conference, LDS Charities put up a board and invited attendees to share how they were going to take part in the “I Was a Stranger” initiative. As sisters scrawled down their own personal commitments, one theme that appeared over and over again was prayer. Many sisters aimed to help others by praying.

Sister Burton advised, “Prayerfully determine what you can do—according to your own time and circumstance—to serve the refugees living in your neighborhoods and communities.”1 As we seek guidance through the prayer, the Lord will help us.

Here are some of the commitments that sisters made to serve through prayer:

“Pray for ways to help those around me. When the prompting comes . . . go and do!”—Karron

“I will seek guidance and act upon the inspired impressions I receive. I want to serve!”—Bonnie L. Oscarson

“I will prepare myself daily to receive inspiration about how I can be a servant of Christ.”—Ronde W.

“I will ask the Lord daily who I can help today.”—Anonymous

“Pray to be prompted by the Spirit each day to know of a sister in need who I can visit and let her know that she’s loved.”—Emalie M.

“I will ask Heavenly Father daily who needs my help, then I’ll listen and do!”—Linda K. Burton

“I will be prayerful and aware of anyone who might need my help.”—Nancy

“Go by the Spirit every day to help someone.”—Debbie L.

“I will pray to know who needs me today, and I’ll let the Spirit guide me.”—Karalla P.

“I will pray for inspiration daily, and I will become the hands of the Savior in loving, serving, and caring for my husband, children, and neighbors. I will search for the one who is praying for my help.”—Marilyn D.

“I will open my heart to change and allow the Atonement to soften me. I will pray for understanding, which will lead to love and action.”—Heather

“I will pray to live my life ready to receive inspiration to know who is in need.”—Stephanie E.

“Donate my time to those in need. Pray daily for those who need my help.”—Anonymous

“I will pray that Heavenly Father will put people in need in my path and give me the inspiration on how I can help.”—Jen L.

“I will pray for guidance on how to serve!”—Connie S.

“I will pray to be more aware of the needs around me that I can meet, and I’ll act when the promptings come.”—Kris

“I will daily ask, ‘Father, whom should I serve?’ and without hesitation, I’ll serve and love with greater compassion.”—Sandy M.

“I will give back by prayerfully making the most of my time and resources every day! Heavenly Father knows who will be in my path that day and what I need to do and say to bring light to their lives. Then I will share with my children so they can learn to listen to the Spirit too.”—Annie J.

“I will pray each day, ‘What would thou have me do, Lord?’”—Lynette S.

“I will pay closer attention to people around me, smile at all I see, and ask the Spirit to direct me to help in whatever way He knows I need to.”—O. K.

“I will ask the Lord to put people in my path who need my help. I will remember that every person I meet is a child of God and treat them with love and kindness.”—Lorelie

“I will listen to the Spirit to overcome my fear of reaching out to others.”—Anonymous

“I will serve and give service to all in need as the Spirit directs. We are all in need.”—Anonymous

“I will try to talk to every person I observe who might need a friend, especially in my community, stores, and parking lots. I will seek the inspiration to know what he or she may need.”—Linda S. Reeves

1. Linda K. Burton, “I Was a Stranger,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2016, 14.