Finding a Way to Serve

A quote that reads, "Reaching out with love to refugees is what Heavenly Father would have us do."

Shortly after the April 2016 general conference, I did a quick internet search to find organizations that serve refugees in my area. I found World Relief, a faith-based organization for refugee resettlement. It provides a wide variety of services to refugees and offers many different opportunities for volunteers. At the time, I was several months pregnant with my second child and had a two-year-old daughter at home. Many opportunities required long-term commitments or hours and tasks that I wouldn’t be able to manage as a stay-at-home parent. I was unsure whether I could be of much help.

However, I felt encouraged as I realized that there really is a place for everyone who has a desire to help. One of the most simple and immediate ways that I have been able to help was joining an email prayer list. I periodically receive names of refugee families arriving in our area, and I am able to pray for those families specifically. I also signed up to provide childcare during regular cultural orientation training for parents. This service opportunity allows me to bring my daughters along.

I also found a unique service opportunity that lets me serve refugees in a way I hadn’t thought of before: I became a résumé partner. I get partnered with refugees in my area, and then I help them review and edit their professional résumés over email. It's something that I can do from home at any time of day, and it really helps those who are adjusting to a new home and a new culture.

These experiences have been exciting for me because I’ve realized that I can make a difference even though my life is busy and unpredictable. I’m able to help others in both big and small ways, and I know that reaching out with love to refugees is what Heavenly Father would have us do.