A Difficult Move

    We have lived in North Carolina for the past seven years. We have made many friends here, so when we moved away for my husband’s job, I was crushed. It was difficult for me to think about leaving my home, my ward, and my friends, and it was hard to move forward and make preparations to leave.

    As a former Relief Society president, I had helped many new families learn about local housing, schools, neighborhoods, and playgroups. I wondered who would do that for me at my new home. I didn’t know anyone who lived there.

    To have a sense of closure, we wanted to throw a party and invite everyone we knew and loved in the area. However, as I listened to the April 2016 general conference, I had a new idea for our party. I contacted a refugee organization in our area, and they had a list of items needed to set up apartments for refugee families. We invited our friends to the party and asked them to bring items that we could give to the refugee organization.

    We collected over $900 (USD) worth of supplies at our party: car seats, toothbrushes, pots and pans, sheets and towels, and big, fluffy pillows. We completed a household, kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, and child and baby kit for a new family and delivered the items to the refugee organization.

    Although the move has been difficult for our family, participating in this service helped me remember that our Father in Heaven watched over Lehi and Sariah as they left Jerusalem, He watched over the early Saints as they left their homes, He watches over these refugees who have escaped tragedy and suffering, and He will also watch over me and my family. I am so grateful that our leaders encouraged us to be involved in this work.