40 Ways to Help Refugees in Your Community

40 Ways to Help Refugees in Your Community.
  1. Be a sincere friend.
  2. Reach out to people on the periphery.
  3. Take a stand against intolerance.
  4. Promote compassion and understanding.
  5. Make a visit.
  6. Get to know firsthand what is really needed; don’t assume.
  7. Learn about the food, holidays, and traditions of others.
  8. Share a meal.
  9. Celebrate a holiday together.
  10. Invite someone to join your family night.
  11. Teach a new skill.
  12. Learn a new skill.
  13. Make introductions.
  14. Ask questions.
  15. Exchange ideas and experiences.
  16. Highlight strengths in other cultures.
  17. Speak to your town council about needed services.
  18. Forgive offenses or misunderstandings and try again.
  19. Shop at locally owned businesses.
  20. Welcome new people to the neighborhood.
  21. Volunteer to teach a language.
  22. Defend others from bigotry.
  23. Learn kids’ names.
  24. Learn a sport.
  25. Teach a sport.
  26. Offer employment to someone unexpected.
  27. Visit people who are ill.
  28. Teach each other songs and jokes.
  29. Extend an invitation to a cultural event.
  30. Offer to babysit.
  31. Give a ride.
  32. Practice interviewing for a job.
  33. Donate household goods.
  34. Help children study.
  35. Act as a grandma or grandpa to someone whose family is far away.
  36. Volunteer with a local organization whose work you admire.
  37. Be a mentor.
  38. Find local solutions rather than relying on bureaucratic programs or funds.
  39. Recognize that time and relationships are more valuable than things.
  40. Don’t hesitate to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.