What Is a Temple Worker?



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In part 2 of this video series about Central America, Elder D. Todd Christofferson describes what happens when a member of the Church attends the temple:

“A person goes to the temple. When they enter, they lay their problems and challenges down at the door [and] go in. And when they come back out, the same problems and challenges are there, but what has changed is the individual. During that time in the temple they are spiritually refreshed. They are empowered with a grander, better vision. They see things in their true character and perspective.”

During a period of inactivity, Brother Gonzalez from Panama watched his wife grow stronger and stronger in the gospel, eventually spending every weekend serving in the temple. “What is a temple worker?” he often wondered. One day he prayed, asking God to forgive and change him. After a year of activity, he went to the temple, where he was soon called to serve as a temple worker. “I would not trade my year of service in the temple for anything,” Brother Gonzalez said.  

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