Olivia’s Story


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In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Olivia Gonçalves’s mother, Eliane, often prayed for her daughter’s spiritual well-being. When Olivia agreed to attend an LDS youth camp, her decision impacted not only her life but also that of her whole family.

“There is a huge difference in how my family was before and how we are now,” says Olivia.

“We were looking for riches, and our treasure was right here,” said Eliane, “and that is having our family together and having the opportunity to be sealed in the temple for eternity.”

According to Elder Russell M. Nelson, “Everything we do in the Church—every class we attend, every advancement, every social activity—it all is done with one objective in mind, and that is to get our people into the temple so that they can have those ordinances and covenants that are going to qualify them for eternal life.”