Invitations from the Prophet

General Conference, October 3–4, 2015

President Monson

Keep the Commandments

During the October 2015 general priesthood session, President Thomas S. Monson invited priesthood holders to keep the commandments and reminded them of ways to live “so that we remain worthy to possess [the] priesthood.”

Seek the Holy Ghost. “Open your hearts, even your very souls, to the sound of that special voice which testifies of truth. … May we ever be in tune, that we might hear this comforting, guiding voice which will keep us safe.”

Avoid sin. “I plead with you to avoid anything that will deprive you of your happiness here in mortality and eternal life in the world to come. … How vital it is that we exercise constant vigilance in order to avoid giving in to [Satan’s] lies and temptations.”

Repent. “If any of you has stumbled in his journey, I assure you that there is a way back. The process is called repentance. Although the path is difficult, your eternal salvation depends on it. … I plead with you to determine right here and now to take the steps necessary to fully repent.”

Strengthen testimonies. “Throughout our lives we will need to nurture strong testimonies by studying the scriptures and by praying and by pondering the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When firmly planted, our testimonies of the gospel, of the Savior, and of our Heavenly Father will influence all that we do.”

“May we keep the commandments!” President Monson concluded. “Wonderful and glorious things are in store for us if we do.”

President Monson

Be an Example and a Light

In the Sunday morning session, President Monson asked us to be an example and a light to the world. “We become examples of the believers by living the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity,” he said. "As we do so, our lights will shine for others to see.”

Cultivating the following “attributes of a believer” will allow our lights to shine:

Be an example in word and in conversation. “Let us speak to others with love and respect, ever keeping our language clean and avoiding words or comments that would wound or offend. May we follow the example of the Savior, who spoke with tolerance and kindness throughout His ministry.”

Emulate the Savior’s example of charity. “Throughout [the Savior’s] ministry He reached out in charity to any in need. As we emulate His example, we will bless lives, including our own.”

Be an example in spirit. “To me that means we strive to have in our lives kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, and goodwill.”

Be an example of faith. “In order to gain and to keep the faith we need, it is essential that we read and study and ponder the scriptures. Communication with our Heavenly Father through prayer is vital.”

Be an example of purity. “We need to be clean in body, mind, and spirit to be worthy to have the Holy Ghost. “Purity will bring us peace of mind and will qualify us to receive the Savior’s promises.”

“That each of us within the sound of my voice may pledge to follow Him, thus becoming a shining light to the world, is my prayer,” he concluded.