“Infinitely Valued, Loved, and Perfectly Known”

Part two of three


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Emin Zulfurgarov, a skilled Russian artist, lacked inspiration for his work until he walked into an LDS meetinghouse.

Feeling the kindness and love of the members, he offered to create a painting for the Church building.

In the process, Emin experienced a spiritual schooling that not only led to his baptism, but a desire to paint gospel subjects.

“[Heavenly Father] loves us, and His main goals for us is that we realize our highest potential,” he says. Now the strength and inner light he feels help him to continue on his path and do all that Heavenly Father desires of him.

“The Lord’s love, His interest, His care, is individual,” says Elder D. Todd Christofferson. “There may be billions of people, but you are infinitely valued, loved, and perfectly known to Him—and that makes all the difference.”

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